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Your Partner in Eliminating Government Data Loss: Meet Veeam Government Solutions

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by Earl G. Matthews
VGS President

Data loss can be especially impactful to the U.S. government.  Data is both a strategic and tactical asset across the wide array of roles and responsibilities with which our federal government is charged; from the maintenance of weapons systems for our national defense, to the management of our national parks and other federal lands, to the care of our veterans and their families the seamless and uninterrupted flow and delivery of data to authorized users is imperative.  

Data which is not adequately protected can lead to disastrous consequences.   Data interruption can cause the failure of vital services, delay critical decisions and result in significant economic damage. 

I’m excited to introduce Veeam Government Solutions (VGS), an independent Washington D.C.-based subsidiary designed to more closely and quickly pivot to meet the unique requirements of federal agencies. 

As a military veteran and former senior government official, I saw firsthand the importance of accessible, secure and trustworthy data to the national security of the United States.  I was proud to join Veeam in July 2020.  Veeam is a global company that is U.S.-owned, controlled and led and it is the world’s premiere provider of Modern Data Protection, backup, recovery and replication.  Recognizing the full costs of data loss to federal agencies, I wanted to contribute to the delivery of simple, flexible and reliable data protection capabilities to the U.S. government.  Veeam provides instantaneous backup and recovery, so government can continue operations without disruption. We’ve been delivering these capabilities to more than 1,200 U.S. federal customers and over 400,000 customers across the globe for over a decade.

VGS brings together leading former government executives and experts who deeply understand government IT and information security challenges, so we can stay ahead of agency IT needs. Many of these leaders have held senior roles within the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community or the Executive Branch. 

Joining me on our board of directors are:

  • Gil Vega, Veeam’s CISO, who formerly served in cybersecurity leadership roles at DoD, DOE and DHS, 
  • Nick Ayers, who served with distinction in leadership roles within the White House and as an advisor to governmental leaders around the country. 

Our advisory board includes: 

  • Lt. General (Ret.) Tom Trask, a leader within the Air Force and Special Operations communities
  • Harry Coker, a retired Naval officer and a former CIA Senior Executive and former NSA Executive Director
  • Chad Sweet, co-founder of the Chertoff Group, and a former CIA officer and DHS Chief of Staff. 

Together, we’re committed to nimbly advancing data protection in direct alignment with the needs of our federal customers. 

Through VGS, Veeam is making a significant investment in the federal government market and we’re committed to helping federal agencies modernize their data strategies. Read our press release or learn more about us at